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Are you ready to reimagine education?

Let's center humanity and disrupt what's not working

Teacher and Pupil

"By letting me speak freely, April has helped me stay grounded."

Gisela Ochoa, Special Education Teacher

Teacher and Pupil

 "April is a highly skilled, open-minded, growth-oriented and passionate leader in education."

Loretta Logan,

Principal of Peninsula International Academy

Engineering Class

"Coaching has supported me by creating a trustworthy space to express my thoughts."


Courtney Unser, Special Education Teacher

University Students

"April has excellent communication skills, vision for growing the program and the tenacity to make things happen."

Emily Santiago, Founder and CEO of the Center for Social Resilience

Moving from compliance to liberation
in schools is easier said than done

As educators, we have a lot of healing and unlearning of our own to do in order to raise compassionate, anti-oppressive children.


I'm April Brown.

For over fifteen years, my mission has been to heal from, unlearn, and disrupt non-affirming teaching practices. My non-linear journey spanning multiple countries (and across a variety of educational settings) has allowed me to successfully help hundreds of teachers shift into trauma-informed teaching practices. 

Together, we can make the changes our kids deserve.

What does support look like to you?

Contact Me

I look forward to meeting you and working together.  |  @aprilbrownconsulting

I exist upon the stolen Abenaki land, presently known as Vermont. I acknowledge the Nulhegan Band of the Coosuk Abenaki Nation, Koasek Abenaki Tribe, Elnu Abenaki Tribe, and the Missiquoi Abenaki Tribe.

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